The Brenton Brown Affair

The Brenton Brown Affair (Album Art)


  1. Skyboxing
  2. Perceptions (Feat. Nick London)
  3. Are You Ready (Feat. Lopez)
  4. Double Dare
  5. Top The Top (Feat. Emilio Rojas)
  6. A Chick Named Music (Feat. Joe Budden & Jaiden The Cure)
  7. The Dark (Feat. Ellie Goulding)
  8. Rear View Mirror
  9. Put It Down (Feat. Young Joe)
  10. Walking (Interlude)
  11. Oww
  12. Quit Your Bullshitting (Feat. Benjamin Lansford & Nick London)
  13. Lemme Know (Feat. Ghostwridah)
  14. About My Buisness
  15. Guilty Feet (Feat. George Michael)
  16. Black Hemmingway
  17. Capulets & Montagues (Feat. Ess Vee, QuESt & Byran Black)
  18. Cashier (Feat. Regal)
  19. Paradise

Album Description



The Brenton Brown Affair (August 2012)

An audio introduction into the life and times of Brenton (then Brenton Brown). This project was streamed more than 40,000 times and downloaded more than 20,000 times. The Brenton Brown Affair can be found on Datpiff, Soundcloud, and various blogs such as 2dopeboyz, Youheardthatnew, The Source and more!

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